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La Meer Inc.

La Meer Inc. is a Silicon Valley organization that offers the GRACE suite of web-based solutions

  • Operational Risk
  • Compliance Management
  • Client Compliance
  • Client Management
  • IT Risk
  • Vendor Risk
  • Operational Due Diligence

La Meer solutions are built for Financial Markets by  professionals with 150+ years of experience building technology for Finance.

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Phone: +1(408) 740 7205
Address: 111 W. Saint John Street, Suite 430 San Jose, CA 95113, USA
+1 (408) 740 7205

Manage Clients, Compliance and Risks without Disruption with GRACE

Work from Home (WHF) has become the new reality with the COVID Pandemic.  Ability for staff to work from where ever they are, has become critical for organizations to  continue operations, service clients and monitor risks.

GRACE is here to help.

La Meer’s cloud web based GRACE (Governance, Risk and Compliance for the Enterprise) platform comprises of industry specific solutions built by financial market experts for financial market regulations in Banks, Broker-dealers, Wealth Advisory, Alternate Investments and Asset Management Firms.

The Comprehensive cloud based GRACE suite helps organizations and staff  to offer seamless client service with comprehensive oversight, compliance, risk management and assurance for clients from where ever they are.

The GRACE suite comprises of

  • GRACE for Integrated Client Life Cycle Management to address Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI), MiFID II, Client Focused Reforms
  • GRACE for Compliance Management solution for Hedge funds, Broker-dealers and Wealth advisors
  • GRACE for Integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance  (GRC) for the Enterprise
  • GRACE for Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Business Continuity Management and compliance to GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA
  • GRACE for Broker-dealer Branch and Registered Representative Monitoring
  • GRACE for Automated Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to monitor financial crime
  • GRACE for Trade Monitoring
  • GRACE for SM&CR Senior Management Certification Regime compliance
  • GRACE for Operational Due Diligence

GRACE Platform is Modular by Design, Integrated by Approach to allow you to pick and choose the modules you need and pay as you grow. Ready to go, easy to use functionality, workflows, calendars, alerts, powerful dashboards with low training need helps you implement your operational processes right away and scale as you go with reduced large upfront costs and immediate return on investment.

The modular nature of the GRACE platform allows our clients to implement (and pay for) only the modules or functionality they need, so if you are having a challenge with one particular area of the regulation we can help, and quickly add the next pieces when you are ready without the need for additional vendors or integration costs.

The GRACE platform is 21st century technology, cloud-based, web, tablet and mobile-enabled allowing the internal organization risk and compliance management groups,  staff, clients and even vendors to interact whenever and wherever they are – essential in working from home or with a distributed workforce.

The solution is intuitive and easy to use, empowering staff to work in a compliant way, without unnecessary or complex overheads.

Recent News

Accelerate Implementations in Cloud with the GRACE Suite

Integrated By Design, Modular To Implement, Anytime, Anywhere Cloud based, Scalable, Secure Solutions.

GRACE Enterprise GRC

GRACE Enterprise GRC offers the organization an integrated approach to manage risk, as a business as usual process across Departments, Locations, Business Lines, IT, Vendors and Compliance. Integrate Risk Assessments, Policies and Procedures, Audits, Internal controls monitoring, Loss event management, KRI Management, Incident Management all rolling up to the single source of truth for operational,compliance, legal, reputation and other risks. A standardized approach to classification helps understand the highest risks to the organization

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GRACE for Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI)

GRACE for Reg BI (Regulation Best Interest) helps comprehensively address SEC/FINRA expectations of providing clear disclosures,offering correct products in the client’s best interest for their risk profiles and comprehensive oversight. A powerful  integrated solution for Product Governance, Client Management, Client Communication, Suitability review, Policies and Procedures, Oversight, Training and Attestation, trade monitoring and portfolio review, organizations can implement and prove compliance efficiently and effectively.

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GRACE for Compliance Monitoring

GRACE helps the organization address compliance as per SEC, FINRA, FCA regulatory expectations in a simple but effective way. Policies,Procedures,online attestations can set the tone at the top. Online Calendars and assignments keep track of compliance obligations. Reminders ensure everyone stays on top. Documents, supporting data, Notes, Issues loaded against compliance items, Review and escalation of violations ensure all items are tracked as soon as they occur.  The integrated compliance dashboard provides analytics and drill downs.

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GRACE for Anti-Money Laundering Monitoring

Monitoring financial crime monitoring is fundamental for prevention of money laundering and international terrorism. GRACE AML automates client monitoring against worldwide sanctions to generate risk profiles. It meets Customer Due Diligence Rule expectation of monitoring beneficial ownership in sanctioned entities,  adverse media and identify and report suspicious transaction patterns.

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GRACE for Trade Monitoring

GRACE Trade monitoring automates the process of trade aggregation from various data sources and allows automatic red-flagging to identify violating trades based on business rules and mark up the issues in them. The aggregated trade data can show pattern of insider trading monitoring and client best execution discrepancies. It helps identify conflicts in personal trades, bad allocation for clients etc.

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GRACE for Data Privacy/IT Risk Management

GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), PIPEDA, and other worldwide Privacy Laws  mandate stringent security over client information whether being managed internally or by vendors. GRACE can help you set up the internal processes needed for policies and procedures, do risk assessments, manage IT inventory and vendors, monitor client consent and manage breaches based on NIST, ITIL, ISO frameworks.

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GRACE for Vendor / Third Party Risk Management

GRACE Vendor risk helps manage information on all third party / vendors, their locations, SLAs and conduct due diligence on their processes. Periodic / continuous monitoring of vendor’s data  business continuity, security management and compliance processes and identify risk trends for early corrective action

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GRACE for Broker-dealer's Branch / Registered Representative Monitoring

GRACE helps build and manage oversight of branches and registered representatives to their adherence to regulations, identify conflicts of interest, and any risks to their clients. It helps monitor Outside Activities of Representatives from Public information sources. Findings from examinations can identify risks across these to take early corrective action.

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GRACE for Operational Due Diligence

Institutional investors like Pensions, Endowments, Fund of Hedge Funds and Private Wealth Management organizations can use GRACE to conduct Operational due diligence on Alternate Investment firms  to identify operational issues before they invest,and monitor them post investment in an organized way.  Early identification allows protection of their investments before their portfolio is impacted badly .

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GRACE Online Training Management

GRACE Online Training Management system helps the organization set up customized and standard training on the web and helps manage training programs to ensure that all the staff are fully aware of the latest procedures, regulatory expectation, marketing aspects etc, to prevent  compliance violations.

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GRACE for Senior Management & Certification Regime

GRACE for SM&CR (Senior Management & Certification Regime) helps manage the process of recording Senior Managers obligations and monitoring and certifying them for adherence Management as expected by Financial Conduct Authority in UK.

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GRACE for Regulatory Filings (Coming)

We are working on building out the functionality for ADV filings as expected SEC. Watch out for More Details



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The Great Value GRACE Brings to Your Organization

Manage Clients and Risk Anytime, Anywhere

Helps you Meet Regulatory Expectations Comprehensively

Comprehensive functionality for all specific requirements as defined by regulators SEC, FINRA,OCC, OCIE, CFPB, Fiduciary Rule,MiFID II, GDPR from their yearly examination priorities and ongoing data monitoring expectations

Allows you to Choose Modules and Add as you Grow without Integration costs

Pick and choose the modules you want to implement and only pay for it. Add other modules and implement when you are ready to grow to an Enterprise wide system with comprehensive ready to go functionality at low costs.

Collaborate with the Eco-system and Grow at Your Pace

Deploy the modules you want, add users,departments,business lines, locations, vendors, clients and outsourced providers at your pace

Comes Pre-built with Industry Data connectors

Connectors already built with Industry sources for AML, personal trades and outside business activity information from public sources

Offers Specialized Functional Actionable Dashboards

Specialized dashboards with Charts,Analytics and drill downs for each user group for their day to day functions, C-level dashboards for integrated view of risk, compliance, issues, mitigation, client, advisor etc.

Comes with Pre-built Forms and Workflows

Provides you with the pre-built forms and templates for reporting, attestation, and other functions. Automated workflows, alerts, audit trails help monitor and manage with ease.

Customization at Low Costs

Easy to customize and add functionality, integrate, add charting, reports, queries and help end users meet their data monitoring and reporting needs from in-house data with lot less cost and make implementations much more effective and meaningful

Can be Deployed right away on Cloud or In-house

Implement modules within few hours on GDPR compliant cloud or your in-house infrastructure. To add modules it is just a switch turned on. Allows your users have additional modules in matter of minutes to expand functional offering

Offers Automated Data Loads and Red-flagging by Business Rules

Automated data load and red-flagging based on business rules reducing hours of manual work to identify issues allowing the compliance team to zero in quickly on risks

Easily Integrates with your in-house data sources

Data from source systems can be integrated with ease using API where available, batch data load and other operations to seamlessly integrate into the system.

Easy to Use - Low training needs

Web based / tablet, mobile enabled, Anytime, Anywhere, GRACE systems are easy to use for end-users, works similarly with new modules with least amount of training requirements and deployment challenges

Is Very Affordable with Flexible Payment Options

Pay for only the modules you use. Add users and modules as you go to enhance the user base within the organization and with clients into a unified system seamlessly

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