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La Meer Inc.

La Meer Inc. is a Silicon Valley organization that offers the GRACE suite of web-based solutions

  • Operational Risk
  • Compliance Management
  • Client Compliance
  • Client Management
  • IT Risk
  • Vendor Risk
  • Operational Due Diligence

La Meer solutions are built for Financial Markets by  professionals with 150+ years of experience building technology for Finance.

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Phone: +1(408) 740 7205
Address: 111 W. Saint John Street, Suite 430 San Jose, CA 95113, USA

About La Meer Inc.

La Meer Inc. is a Silicon Valley California USA based Regulatory Technology Company built by Financial Market Experts for Financial Market Challenges

La Meer Inc. is a privately held Regulatory Technology Company (Regtech) specializing in integrated solutions for Financial Markets.

Multitude of regulations for Consumer Protection have rolled out in US, EU, UK, Canada and world over in Banks, Asset Management, Wealth Management, industries like Basel, Reg BI, MiFIDII, Client focussed Reforms,  Data Privacy regulations like GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, Canadian Privacy Act . To handle them huge armies of compliance, risk, regulatory reporting and internal controls teams are working with huge volumes of data in financial institutions with huge cost of compliance, regulatory fines, and reputation loss.

Inspite of the huge investments, organizations are realizing that teams are handicapped by lack of technology, old technology, management through Excel and an un-integrated set of dispersed and siloed data sets,making it impossible to monitor effectively. Throwing people on the job does not solve the problem, if you do not empower them with ways of handling the voluminous work on hand. Manual way of monitoring compliance will not work anymore. Neither will a silo-ed approach where there is no single source of truth for data work.

Client expectations have changed with mobile delivery for higher transparency and near time delivery. New technology with Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning, Voice enabled systems all are changing the paradigms of information delivery. Clients want their information at the tip of their fingers to take decisions. Efficient integrated systems are the only way organizations can deliver quickly and stay relevant.

To effectively manage clients, risk and compliance, an integrated approach to processes, systems and data management is called for.

La Meer Inc. founded in 2010 deeply understands these market challenges and changes.  We have built the GRACE Suite of comprehensive cloud based web based/ tablet enabled, mobile solutions to address various aspects of clients, compliance and risk management specialized for Operational risk, Client Management, Compliance monitoring, Operational Due Diligence, Client management, KYC, AML, IT Risk and Vendor Risk.

La Meer’s solutions are very closely aligned to regulatory expectations from financial organizations and allow organizations to quickly deploy them and gain benefits of automation from a cloud based approach.

As an early bird vendor that keenly observes regulatory changes, we have addressed the changing needs and market trends and adapt quickly to become a leading vendor in the Regtech space.

GRACE Suite of Solutions
Integrated Cloud solutions that offer comprehensive functionality specifically built to address regulatory needs in Banking, Asset Management, Capital Markets and Institutional investments.

The GRACE suite incorporates best practices and requirements from the worldwide latest regulatory requirements of the Dodd Frank Act, Basel III, MiFID II, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, Canadian Privacy Regulations, AML, Proposed Reg BI – erstwhile Fiduciary Rule in the US market and helps you manage the examination expectations from regulators SEC, FINRA, OCC, FCA, European and Canadian Regulators to address consumer protection that has evolved from the financial crisis.

Build on the industrial strength database that can scale for small to big organizations,  requirements around availability, reliability, redundancy, resilience, data protection and data privacy , GRACE’s modular architecture allows firms to have the benefits of a custom solution, delivered through configuration of the modules needed to suit their own requirements.

Organizations can “Pay as they grow” from one module to the other and provide for Enterprise Solution without paying huge license fees, making it easy to budget and have automation for their staff  at reasonable price. By providing the flexibility to buy the right modules and implement additional modules at your own pace, GRACE adapts to your organizational challenges and helps you implement your strategy in a controlled way.

Modular By Nature, yet “Integrated by Design” approach with state of the art Look and Feel, Easy to use Workflows, in-depth charting and analytics, digitization, and straight thru integration to source systems and third-party information GRACE can help you manage your clients, institutionalize risk management, establish “Culture of Compliance” and address regulatory examinations from a Single Source of truth.

GRACE streamlines client interactions through its efficient integration and provides transparency and assurance to your clients of a well run organization that they can rely on to behave in the Best Interest of the Clients.

With quick to roll out Cloud implementation, the entire ecosystem of departments, business lines, countries, clients, vendors, service providers, and internal compliance and risk, audit and governance teams can be part of your strategy to implement integrated data management, efficiency and cost savings for your organization

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