About Us

About La Meer Inc.

La Meer’s Goals and Vision for our systems

Early Visibility to Risk

Transparency across the Enterprise

Integrated Risk Management

Bring Assurance to Clients

Help build Reputation as Well Risk Managed Organizations

Early Mitigation to Reduce Costs

Make cost of systems affordable

Reduced cost of buying many systems and having to integrate them later

Encourage collaboration to within the organization as well as clients, vendors and service providers to build efficiency

Easy integrations to internal and external data sources for automated red-flagging with business rules to help risk and compliance staff handle volumes easily

La Meer Inc. is a Silicon Valley California USA based award winning RegTech that specializes in Web tablet mobile enabled integrated yet modular solutions for the Financial markets that are offered on a hosted cloud model

La Meer’s GRACE solutions are built with the aim of ensuring consumer protection through enabling and empowering governance, risk and compliance management teams to manage oversight and establish the culture of compliance and risk management.

The La Meer team has built each of the GRACE solutions with deep subject matter knowledge to address specific regulatory expectations based on deep understanding of the complex processes and systems, coming from our own financial industry background.

Organizations are struggling to establish oversight over risk and compliance areas because of the complex nature of businesses, high level of risks in the market as well as growth in data volumes. Inspite of huge investments, organizations are realizing that risk and compliance teams are handicapped by lack of technology, old technology, management through Excel, siloed systems  and un-integrated data sets, making it impossible to monitor effectively. Enabling risk and compliance teams with integrated systems has become an absolute imperative to prevent regulatory fines from failures, reputation loss, legal costs and business risks.

La Meer’s solutions are very closely aligned help organizations meet these challenges and allow them to quickly deploy solutions that are scalable over the long term and gain the cost benefits of cloud based approach.

Our aim is to be the leading vendor of innovative, comprehensive and affordable technology solutions that enable effective oversight in organizations for consumer protection.