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La Meer Inc. is a Silicon Valley CA based organization that offers the GRACE Suite of web based solutions for Operational Risk, Compliance Management, Client Compliance, Client Management, IT Risk, Vendor Risk and Operational due diligence.

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Organized Operational Due Diligence with GRACE
Conduct Operational Due Diligence across all your investments and identify risks early
Operational Due DIligence Challenges

Operational Due DIligence Challenges

Pensions, Endowments, Family Offices, Consultants and other Institutional investors  look at various organizations including Alternate investments,PE firms, real estate with multiple investment strategies to include in their portfolio to achieve their returns goals.  This means scouring the market for  large number of opportunities before deciding on a few investments.  This creates a lot of data to be managed. Identifying which organizations are good  and what areas in each organization’s operations are weak become difficult in the large volumes of data. Comparing organizations for their strength and weakness to identify what strengths outweigh what weakness to make them investible organizations also becomes difficult.

After investments are made, it is important to conduct regular data gathering and monitoring of the firms to ensure that risk trends seen in them are noticed early enough to protect your investments and take corrective action.

How Can You Manage This

How Can You Manage this

Keeping all this data in Excel files and Word documents has been the normal practice.

Having a system and a process to gather information on all the firms which are being considered, in a central data repository with web based access to the due diligence staff, along with all the documentation received, a calendaring for follow ups, contact information, and a workflow based method for the investment managers to include this information during their investment committee meetings would be a good way to avoid information overload and needle in the haystack approach to finding information.

It is important to be able to red-flag information that makes or breaks your investment decision in a organized way with comments and notes to keep track of rationale and reasons decisions were made.

It is also equally important to have the continuous monitoring of investments and be looking at areas of concern in a proactive way rather than lose value of your portfolio when the risk gets too high for  you to retrieve the situation

How GRACE Empowers Your Due Diligence Team

How GRACE Empowers Your Due Diligence Team

GRACE is a web based / tablet enabled Mobile system that can help you gather all the data on each of your prospective investment into a central data repository, making it easy to retrieve any time any where.

The mobile nature of the solution can allow you to record straight into the system even as you are conducting due diligence. GRACE is also a document repository so all information in supporting information can also be saved into the system

GRACE’s workflows, calendars and dashboards will allow you to share, review and view all of the information from the single source of truth for the team and the investment committees and provide review comments for future reference

Comprehensive checklists will enable looking at all aspects of due diligence for each organization being considered and used initial due diligence, site visits and ongoing monitoring to record findings against each aspect.

Work assignments and responsibilities can be easily assigned to track and manage work

GRACE for Operational Due Diligence
Single Data repository for all your information

Standardized Checklist Setup

GRACE allows you to take the best practice Alternate Investment Management Association (AIMA) checklists or create your own due diligence questionnaires and enhance it for any due diligence aspects you want to add for checklist for fund due diligence. It helps you copy and customize for various types of investments  including Hedge funds,Private Equity, Real Estate etc. It helps you set up risk scores against each check list group and item as basis to score the information when due diligence is conducted. It also helps you set up standard checklists for on-going monitoring by type of firm

Initial Due Diligence Data Gathering

GRACE helps you record all the information gathered from and about the firm into the central repository. This includes all the findings and documents received including due diligence information from third parties like fraud investigation, background checks, legal due diligence,counter party due diligence, vendor due diligence etc. It helps you create site visit checklists and record findings after site visits. It records risk levels to all the information gathered to arrive at a risk score for each firm and be able to compare organizations based on their risk scores. It can help you send out requests for review of information internally and record comments on the findings and documentation to finally arrive at the selection / rejection process and record the selection / rejection reasons. It can help you build a central repository and history of due diligence information on all firms in the portfolio as well as on firms that were rejected

Online Data Gathering from Funds

Information gathering for due diligence can be a long drawn process since it could encompass information to be gathered from funds, vendors, counter parties, background check third party agencies and others. This can be facilitated by sending them online questionnaires that they can fill up and send back to the due diligence owner.

The requested party will get an email to let them know of the request and when answers are sent, the due diligence owner will get to know about it with an email.

The due diligence owner can receive both data and documents as part of the response and add their own analysis and risk to create a complete due diligence set of information that includes analyis and risk scores.

Review of Due Diligence information

Information that is gathered for due diligence,findings, analysis and risk scoring as noted by the due diligence owner on the firm can be sent for review. Reviewers can be chosen for the firm and can include compliance, investment and other oversight entities that could look at the various aspects of the firm from the single source of truth. All reviewers would receive emails but would login and see the data within GRACE ensuring that there is no duplication of data anywhere. Reviewers can enter their comments. When they are done all the review information would be queued up for the Diligence owner to see.

The decision made to take on the investment in the firm can also be recorded as well as in case of rejection the reason for rejection.The dashboard would reflect status of all the organizations in the system and their due diligence status.

On Going Monitoring

GRACE provides functionality for ongoing monitoring of the firms in the portfolio. It offers calendaring facility and set up for ongoing monitoring items to be set up on each firm. These could be onetime or recurring tasks. Each event can also be assigned to  task owners on whose individual calendars these task would show up. The system will also provide alerts on due dates to the task owners for their follow up with the firm , counter parties and vendors. The task owner can gather data including information and documents and add them to the GRACE system against the check.

This process can allow them to receive periodic reports like NAV, Investors who have withdrawn, regulatory filings, investor disclosure and other documents as provided by the funds, save them in the repository and internally review them and record issues and record risks if any seen that need monitoring

This will allow risk identification on an ongoing basis and take mitigation action. Mitigation tasks can be assigned and staff can report on the mitigation task status. It also shows trends in risks from operational issues that could otherwise be missed.

Site Visit

Site visits are an important component of operational due diligence, where can be done by actually meeting people and verifying internal processes,service providers, compliance, fund administration and NAV calculation and investor reporting processes , understanding the key people and their investment management process.

Reporting the findings from the site visit and identifying deficiencies as seen is another important way of identifying risks early

GRACE allows you to set up Site visit plans, inherit from the standard site visit checklist and update it with additional items and checks that would be fine tuned to the particular visit.

With its tablet / mobile interface, you can invoke the checklist during the visit and enter the findings right into the system during the due diligence exercise so as to capure all the information received.

Findings can be analysed, risk rated and reviewed to get a picture of the organization

Data Loads

GRACE provides functions for loading up Audit, NAV and other reporting information that the funds may be giving you in excel formats.

GRACE provides both data load and data entry functions to facilitate the data to be brought into the system .

This data can be analysed over time to see information on financial trends.

In case the fund can provide information in the OPERA standard, GRACE will be able to load that information in as well.

Due Diligence Dashboard

GRACE Operational Due diligence Dashboard is a powerful tool that allows the organization to get  latest information on the identified investment firms with slice and dice by firm type,strategy, geography, fund currency, fund country, status of selection, by active firms, suspended firms, rejected firms with drill down on the complete history of all data and documents on the firm until date

Data on site visits, risks identified, risk trends seen from ongoing data gathering, audit data, NAV trends, investment trends, investor trends can all seen within the dashboard.

Information on vendors, counter parties and the organization’s exposures to any of these can also be seen without any additional effort to search on these.

Risk reports, data calendars, due diligence status, ongoing calendars, firms in the portfolio that are not providing proper reporting, all this and more can be seen on the dashboard.

The analytics, charting and drill downs together give  you a complete picture of state of each investment and reports provide risks seen and mitigation undertaken on them.

The Great Value You Get from Using GRACE ODD for Operational Due Diligence
Organized Due Diligence Can Protect Your Investments

Visibility and Transparency to Risks

Investment risk in firms that have operational issues can be quickly identified so portfolio value can be protected

Standardization in Due Diligence Process

By creating standardization in the Operational due diligence process, firms where investments are being  made can be comprehensively analysed for their strengths and weaknesses and investments can be adjusted accordingly to tap the strengths and mitigation undertaken to reduce weaknesses.

No need to gather information for Reviews

By having a single source of truth for analysis and risk oversight , investment committees can make informed decisions

Early awareness of Risk Trends

Trends of risk in various firms where you have investments, their vendors and counter parties can be very quickly identified with visual analytics , dashboards and drill downs and risk mitigation steps can be taken early

Single Source of Truth for the Organization

Will all documents, data, reviews, audit trails, analytics and easy to use queries and reports, GRACE becomes the central repository of the Single Source of Truth for the organization and avoids duplication and inefficiencies from trying to find out the latest information.

Tablet enabled, Mobile enabled system facilitates information availability and data capture at source

This feature enables the due diligence team to be empowered to have information on hand as soon as they need it, to refer back and look at previous interactions with the firm and ask the right questions

Risk reporting becomes Online and Real time

With an integrated web based access anytime anywhere, there is no need for risk reports to be generated in various departments to present to senior management. All that effort, costs and time can be saved.

Organization Ownership of Data

Organizations suffer when key risk and compliance staff leaves. The information is scattered if maintained solely by individuals and are lying on disks in various forms. GRACE becomes the single central repository of documents, data and processes enabling continuity even when key people leave the organization

Enormous Cost Savings

Enormous costs savings in unwanted labor for audits and examinations, avoid regulatory fines, legal costs, reputation risks and empowers the organization in managing risks.

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