La Meer Inc. chosen by ThinkAdvisor in the Luminaries Class of 2022 Finalists for its Products, Programs and Services


La Meer Inc. ( is proud to be included by ThinkAdvisor as one of the Luminaries Class of 2022 Finalists for its Products, Programs and Services. Thank you ThinkAdvisor and judges for appreciate our offerings and efforts.

As Janet Levaux mentioned in her mail titled “Shining a light on industry excellence and the future of advice”

Welcome to the 12th LUMINARIES Briefing of 2022. I’m Janet Levaux, editor in chief of ThinkAdvisor, and I’d like to thank everyone for their 2022 nominations, which were outstanding.

After receiving hundreds of stellar nominations, the 2022 LUMINARIES finalists have been selected and announced.

La Meer’s GRACE Suite of solutions offer the Integrated Yet Modular approach to address challenges in operational efficiency that Wealth Management organizations face with their lack of integrated technologies for Client Facing Employees, Registered Representatives, Advisors, Compliance and Clients.

Having a single source of truth for the organization has become a key need. Data is the new oil and without having proper integrated data, it becomes impossible to have good oversight over poor practices as well as help clients be serviced efficiently.

GRACE’s Compliance and Conduct Risk Solution, Client Management for Regulation Best Interest, Anti-Money Laundering, Trade Surveillance, Branch and Rep monitoring, Outside Activity Monitoring, IT Risk – Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Business Continuity, Vendor Risk and ESG solutions together offer a very powerful set of integrated solutions that can empower the Client facing organization, Compliance and Clients to build an operationally efficient, trust worthy and compliant organization, where there is proper oversight over client money and client’s best interest is safeguarded.

Said Laxmi Ramanath CEO of La Meer Inc.