La Meer Inc. is one of the Finalists for Think Advisor’s Luminaries 2023 Awards for Financial and Investment Innovation

La Meer Inc. is proud to be included as one of the Finalists for Think Advisor’s Luminaries 2023 Awards for Financial and Investment Innovation.

We are proud to be included for 3 years in a row says Laxmi Ramanath – Founder and CEO of La Meer. This is a recognition of the importance of our work to the financial and investment industry. La Meer’s GRACE solution suite is one of the most versatile, integrated yet modular web-tablet-enabled solutions in the market that is affordable, easy to implement allowing wealth management firms be operationally efficient with compliance enabled client management processes so there is comprehensive oversight but at the same time, compliance becomes an enabler to build trust about the organization with clients to grow business

The March 2023 crisis with SVB and First Republic bank has clearly brought home to the financial markets the fact that compliance and risk management are not good to have any more. They are a must have process to enable clients to trust them with their money, says Laxmi Ramanath.

Firms that do a poor job of risk and compliance management are likely to face not only regulatory fines but also reputation damage resulting in their loss of business and become their disadvantage for growth in the competitive landscape.

Digitization is growing at a rapid pace and La Meer’s GRACE solution suite enables comprehensive and integrated approach to compliance empowering the client management groups in wealth organizations provide faster and compliant investment management and financial planning services that can be a great value differentiator to clients.

The GRACE Comprehensive Suite of solutions include

  • Compliance and Conduct Risk
  • Client Management CRM, Suitability, Portfolio Review and easy way to implement and meet the 4 obligations Disclosure, Care, Compliance and Conflicts of interest
  • Client Life Cycle management for Anti-money Laundering
  • Trade Surveillance and Monitoring both Client Portfolios and Personal Trades
  • Branch and Rep Examinations
  • Outside Activity Monitoring
  • IT Risk and Vendor Risk Monitoring for Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Business Continuity
  • ESG Due diligence on Investments

As Laxmi believes, La Meer’s vision of offering the market, the integrated approach to Client Management, Compliance and Clients through a simple to use web-tablet-mobile portal approach that also builds the single source of truth of data for the organization as they do their business, enables and empowers clients through transparency to build trust is going to be of great value for growth for these organizations.