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La Meer Inc has been declared a winner of the Wealth100 2023 – The world’s most innovative WealthTech companies that every leader in the wealth and asset management industries needs to know about in 2023.

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Transforming wealth management

The main goal of GRACE is to help wealth managers work in the best interest of their clients by supplying them with compliance enabled client management.

GRACE is a unified system with comprehensive compliance oversight that can monitor conflicts of interest with customers and identify violations instantly. Compliance officers can establish policies procedures, code of conduct rules, conduct online attestations, online training, ongoing compliance monitoring. By offering online forms for requesting pre-trade approvals, report gifts, political donations, outside activities, personal trades and filings, it enables employees, reps and related individuals report their compliance obligations with ease and helps the firm establish and monitor culture of compliance.

Its client management functions allow compliance functional groups to implement product governance to identify product risk ratings, fees, gating criteria and other limits that clients need to be aware of. By bucketing the risk nature of the product to client risk profiles, sales teams can find the best products for customers and prevent them from suggesting the wrong ones.

Another part of the GRACE platform is its client management portal, which helps client-facing personnel gather client household and financial data along with their objectives in making the investments, conduct CRM activities, collect risk profiles based on flexible questionnaires that address each client type and choose the products that are suitable. This data can then be sent to clients on their client portal. Through their client portal, customers can get full visibility of their portfolios, trades, fees, holdings. They can also reach out to the firm for product recommendations or to ask any questions. By having the single source of truth of all client information compliance can conduct their suitability reviews with ease. Automated trades surveillance allows compliance to ensure that unsuitable products are not traded for the client, product and account concentrations are flagged, unwanted fees are not collected, advisor, rep is not doing trade churn and complaints from them are noticed for patterns of violations by advisors or registered representatives that are selling them these products. By integrating this with AML monitoring on each client, any client side violations are also caught early. An integrated approach to compliance and client management allows data analytics from the single source of truth data that can be very valuable for compliance oversight as well as identifying changes to make the portfolios work to meet each client’s objectives.

What sets us apart ?

A unique aspect of the GRACE solutions are how they are built with comprehensive functions to address the expectations of regulators. They are also designed to be easy to use and implemented in a modular way so organisations can select what they need and grow at their own pace, rather than be overwhelmed by a full system overhaul. Not only are these solutions flexible, they are also affordable.

Ramanath said, “With our secure hosting and scalability, customers can have a long term growth partner for their technology and provide that assurance to clients that they are indeed working in their best in a visible and transparent way.”

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