La Meer shortlisted as Best ESG Technology Provider for GRACE ESG solutions



La Meer Inc. is proud to announce that we have been shortlisted as Best ESG Technology Provider with our GRACE ESG for Corporates and GRACE ESG due diligence on investments by RegTech Insight, from A-Team Group and their eminent Advisory board.

Thank you to RegTech Insight, from A-Team Group for recognizing our work

GRACE ESG for Corporates helps establish ESG Goals, gathering metrics and managing progress towards the goals across the many departments within the organization. Specifically for the banking sector, it helps gather lending data to identify geographic exposure to climate risk. It also helps with establishing the process of generating disclosures from a single source of truth data for reporting for TCFD ( Task force for Climate Risk), CSR (Corporate Sustainability Reports), GRI (Global Risk initiative) or SASB formats. GRACE becomes the single source of truth of auditable data for 10-K reporting

GRACE ESG for Due Diligence in Investments helps Funds and fund managers establish the process of identifying and validating organizations for ESG investments, through a continuous process of monitoring governance, risk management, due diligence, periodic monitoring, stewardship and site visits in the organizations that they are investing in to prevent greenwashing as well as ensuring that their client objectives in ESG investments are being met. It also helps with ESG Reporting