OCIE’s Risk Alert for Broker-dealers and Registered Advisors


The SEC Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) announced on August 12th 2020 Select COVID-19 Compliance Risks and Considerations for Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers, highlighting the various risks that they see, and that need to be addressed by firms. Below are the our highlights from SEC’s OCIE Publication.

La Meer’s GRACE suite of cloud based solutions comprehensively addresses each of the areas that OCIE has listed, to help you manage Compliance, Supervision and Oversight management, Investor management, IT and Vendor Risks, Trade Monitoring, and AML in the Work-from-home (WHF) situation.

Modular GRACE can help organizations pick and choose the modules they need, and implement them quickly (using our cloud-based, web, tablet, mobile-enabled platform) to help staff, advisors and registered representatives work from home, manage clients and compliance with correct investor protection practices, proper oversight and maintain business continuity and security, all while working from their home offices.

The full publication can be found here on this link https://www.sec.gov/files/Risk%20Alert%20-%20COVID-19%20Compliance.pdf

The GRACE Platform

The GRACE Platform can offer you all of these functionalities. It is Modular by Nature, but Integrated By Design, so you can choose as few modules as you want to start using the system from day 1 and only pay for it, but can over period of time, choose additional modules and allow more staff , branches, registered reps, advisors to use the functionality without any disruption in implementation, giving you a good growth path with the system.

Built with Security, Scalability, Rights management and Reliability, the system can be a good long term investment for you, allowing you to grow as with the system and not face the challenges of implementing multiple systems and spend a lot of time,effort and cost integrating them later.